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Seeing as I no longer have the muse for this character, and I have not been able to work up the will to even summon up anything related to him at all I am placing this blog on an indefinite hiatus. I apologize to anyone this may inconvenience.

A visitor crossed the rift (@theforbiddenfox)


     It was simple enough for her to cut everyone off from each other, as a kitsune illusions were reality. Though she had been a bit startled at the less human attributes of these residents she adapted. Many of them were trying to figure out where the exit was and what was going on. It was really amusing to her and when a new guest arrived she decided she would play.

     At the least she knew he was smart enough to notice something was off quickly. Watching as he marked a tree to have a tracker of sorts. A sly grin clear on the vixen face as she could see his confusion and skepticism over this. Contemplating on how she was to introduce herself to her host as he tried to get to the rift like the other men tried.

"You know you aren’t off in thinking you’re going in circles." The demoness muses, breaking the silence as the reploid encountered his marker once more. Making sure to hide her fox like features as she settled in the tree. Glancing down at the male with a slight smirk clear on her face. Not having any fear in revealing herself to this stranger it seemed.

"Nor are you the first."

Xavier continued on his pathway as he very quickly came back around to the place that he had marked off, not feeling fear at the situation he knew that it was simply a matter of finding a way to break through the illusion at that point. But how…

But he didn’t have time to think on the solution to his problem as a voice called out to him from above his marker.

"A woman…?" Xavier thoughtlessly blurted out in confusion "… So, I take it your the one responsible for these illusions?" He inquired a moment later after recomposing his normally calm and flat nature.

"If so, might I ask that you undo the illusions before the military begins to panic?" He continued on with his inquires to the woman as he looked her over, she didn’t seem like much, and her clothing looked rather, oriental. But he could tell right away that she was not of this world.

But before she could respond or answer the reploid he shook his head a bit “Ah, my apologies, I always forget to introduce myself” Xavier muttered a bit in disbelief at his own mistake. “My name is Xavier, might I ask what your name is and what your business is here?” He spoke in a short introduction, quickly going back to his primary task at hand of finding out what this possible otherworlder was here for, but he kept his stance rigid as if he was keeping his guard up around her.

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A visitor crossed the rift (@theforbiddenfox)


    As a spirit of nature and freedom the idea of travel was always pleasing and she held no fear in exploration. The moment the rift appeared the vixen escaped into the rift. Appearing in a foreign forest and quickly deciding to make a home in the area to get a better understanding of the place. Learning bits and pieces from the few animal life that hide away in the man made rain forest.

    Of course she wasn’t at all surprised when suddenly the forest began to shake with life from people coming. Apparently having noticed the rift or had some other purpose with the forest. Quickly hiding in the forest trees and ruins using illusions to cover the trail. Simply bidding her time for the ‘intruders’ to come into the forest for her to act. Deciding to use this chance to see what kind of people lived in this realm.

Xavier quickly arrived at the edge of the forest via transerver as he gazed deep into the heavily wooded area “Alright, beginning mission…” Xavier began as he scanner suddenly started going haywire and he lost contact with the Neo Arcadian operators.

"… I guess I’m going in without support, very well." Xavier spoke as he took a deep breath and dashed into the forest in search of the rift and possible otherworldly visitor.

As he continued to progress down the normal pathway that was to be used by Arcadian troops he couldn’t help but notice their absence as well as the absence of the surveillance drones. “That’s not a good sign…” Xavier mused to himself as he continued progressing through the forest towards the energy signature that was the rift.

But as he kept progressing the rift seemed to be the same amount of distance away from him, almost as if. “… An illusion…? Am I going in circles…?” Xavier inquired no one in particular seeing as his communicator was still malfunctioning.

"… I wonder if this is the doing of our otherworldly visitor…" He spoke quietly as he mused on how to figure out if he really was just going in circles, walking over to a tree he scrapped out a small carving in the tree with his blade before he began to progress once more towards the target, hoping that he really wasn’t just going around in an endless circle.

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sageharpuia sent: "That was a bad plan." (I ALMOST PUT 'MY PARENTS KNOW' JUST TO SEE WHAT KIND OF CRACK WOULD SPAWN)

(omg should of went with the crack, would of been so hilarious xD)

"Just a little bit, but it got us results didn’t it?" Xavier responded with a slightly dry tone over his communicator to Harpuia as a mechaniloid was operating on a wound the reploid bounty hunter had sustained during a crazy stunt he pulled during an operation to minimize damage caused by the reploid resistance’s most recent attack on Neo Arcadia since the destruction of Area X.

Of course almost nearly loosing his life in the process like Phantom had done so might not of been worth it, but having managed to keep his life as well as having managed to save a good number of citizens and resources valuable to Neo Arcadia made him getting hurt well worth it.

A visitor crossed the rift (@theforbiddenfox)

Xavier was busy typing up a quick report following a series of strange events in Neo Arcadia about multiple rifts to otherworlds opening up, having met with and encountered a few of them he had a mostly positive opinion on most, and that there was no real threat from otherworldly visitors.

But that was only based on the fact that he had not encountered any dangerous beings just yet.

For now though the information on the rifts was to be kept on a need to know basis until things were more stable in the Neo Arcadian capital, and whenever a new rift opened up the area surrounding the rifts were to be closed off and carefully monitored. And if needed, military action would be taken to ensure that any hostile visitors would be dealt with swiftly. Thankfully no such action was needed thus far.

Just as he was about to turn in the report about visitors from the rifts a Neo Arcadian operator informed him of another rift opening up in one of the forbidden zones.

"… Why would they want to go to the forest of Dysis…?" Xavier asked curiously as he simply acknowledged the order to move in and keep the visitor from entering the ruins located deep in the heart of the artificial rain forest. "Prepare the transporter base, I’ll begin my mission right away" Xavier spoke over his communicator before he quickly departed for the nearest transerver to get to the forest as quickly as possible.

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␛ - Although Xavier is relatively more calm now than when he was a maverick hunter. There are still some subjects and things that will quickly get his anger boiling.

Sins of a Child


I moved Ciel to be a main blog. So follow her here!

First Meeting (closed RP @heartofresistance)


    The small girl was surprised at the others polite tone as she heard the other was in a foul mood from the injury. At least that’s how the rumors were but she smiled brightly glad to know that wasn’t the case. Unaware that it was cause of her age and appearance that he was more polite over it.

"Yes Issues."

    The small scientist piped, noting how he seemed curious and surprised at this. Slightly kicking her feet a bit on the chair she looked up at him wondering what was taking him so long to answer. After a minute of awkward silence which she simply looked around awkwardly. It seemed that he had just accepted her help and smiled at the introduction.

"It’s fine you don’t need to apoligize."

    The small girl piped, not at all seeming to bothered by the awkward silence. Just glad for it to end as she looked up at the reploid with a bright smile. Watching as he showed his exposed injury and how he was holding it back from leaking. Her nose scrunched up slightly at the sight and nods her head in understanding that it was full.

"Well I’m Ciel, and don’t worry I’ll fix you up as good as new."

    She stated, as she could already see exactly where the source of the damage was. Though had to move a stool for her first to be at the height of the bed to the side of the injury. Being small had it’s disadvantages…

"Ok I’ll need you to lay back fully."

Xavier continued to watch the girl noting her bodily language, she seemed to be feeling a little uncomfortable with the silence, but… It wasn’t as if he was able to remedy it very well considering his own short coming of being socially inept. “Issues such as…?” He politely asked her after she stated that it was alright and he needed not apologize or being able to try and be courteous to the young girl. “… Of course if you would prefer not to say I’ll understand”

"… Its a pleasure, I’m sure doctor Ciel" Xavier spoke in response to her introduction as he watched her begin to observe and try to judge how much damage his shoulder had taken from the battle he was caught up in earlier in the day.

When she requested that he lay back so she could better assess his injury he simply nodded and complied with the young scientist and did as she instructed. “my scanner and systems already have a minor assessment of the damage I took, I can give you the information as well if that helps…” Although he wasn’t too sure about how much it would help considering how old his systems and scanner was, but he figured whatever he could do to help speed this along would be helpful to the young girl.

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"You’re all quite of a mix lot, huh?" She looked at every person before giving a wave. "Mai Kujaku, Queen of the Harpies. Please to meet you all."

She then notice another Yuugi in the crowd and she couldn’t help but smile at him. “Hey Yuugi! Are you doing, hon?”

Xavier had no honest clue as to where in the hell he was now, it was more than painfully obvious to him that he was NOT in Neo Arcadia anymore. And considering the group of people he seemed to be with made it more obvious to him.

"Excuse me miss…" Xavier spoke as he made his way past the others in the group of people whom the woman had addressed. "Can you please tell me where I am?" He asked rather forwardly and bluntly cutting right to the key point of what he desired, which was where he managed to end up now.

Of course he likely stood out the most in this group, with his combat armor and his signature blade, while everyone else appeared to be dressed… Rather strangely in hi opinion, but again, in their eyes he was likely the strangest person here.

"Oh… Forgive my forwardness as well… I’ve been told… I can come off as somewhat rude when I make demands like that…" He spoke as he rubbed the back of his head not really changing his flat expression "My name is Xavier" he added on after realizing that he should perhaps introduce himself to the woman before continuing to ask her more questions.