i dd not ask for the life that i was given, 
                             but it was given none the less.
                & with it,
          i did my best.

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[So, I just wanna put a little RP post trimming thing here.


So, there are some RPers that type a lot, and like to keep their posts short. Like here- i’m using a current RP as example-  It looks long-ish, right?


All you need to do, it highlight the other text, minus the repliers text, and delete it.


Should look something like this. It also keeps peoples dashes from becoming lines upon lines upon lines of text.]

Call this an experiment. Reblog if you have OCs that you adore

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                              you don’t know how hard i fought to survive
           waking up—— - alone when i was left to die

                                    you don’t know about this life i’ve lived
            all    these    roads    I’ve      w   a   l   k   e   d 
                           all these tears I’ve led

If I get 10 “voice”s, I (the mun) will record myself voice acting the character I roleplay.

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             It [ h u r t s ] every day —

                             the absence of someone who was once there.

Friendly reminders about roleplaying with me;;

♥ I have skype  and will gladly share it if asked for it.
♥ I love plotting and it is always much appreciated.
♥ I love asks of all kinds! Want to know something ooc? Send it in! Want to ask my muse questions that relate overall to fandom? Send it in! Want to ask my muse questions that pertain to a certain verse? Send it in!
Short paras via ask are love.
Random starters are SUPER love.
Most of all : never be afraid to approach me because I’m the biggest dork and as intimidating as a happy feet dancing penguin.

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(i sound like such a mean weenie on the rules page omfg

/actually a dumb nerd)

(( that makes two of us))

First Meeting (closed RP @theheartofresistance)


    The small girl was surprised at the others polite tone as she heard the other was in a foul mood from the injury. At least that’s how the rumors were but she smiled brightly glad to know that wasn’t the case. Unaware that it was cause of her age and appearance that he was more polite over it.

"Yes Issues."

    The small scientist piped, noting how he seemed curious and surprised at this. Slightly kicking her feet a bit on the chair she looked up at him wondering what was taking him so long to answer. After a minute of awkward silence which she simply looked around awkwardly. It seemed that he had just accepted her help and smiled at the introduction.

"It’s fine you don’t need to apoligize."

    The small girl piped, not at all seeming to bothered by the awkward silence. Just glad for it to end as she looked up at the reploid with a bright smile. Watching as he showed his exposed injury and how he was holding it back from leaking. Her nose scrunched up slightly at the sight and nods her head in understanding that it was full.

"Well I’m Ciel, and don’t worry I’ll fix you up as good as new."

    She stated, as she could already see exactly where the source of the damage was. Though had to move a stool for her first to be at the height of the bed to the side of the injury. Being small had it’s disadvantages…

"Ok I’ll need you to lay back fully."

Xavier continued to watch the girl noting her bodily language, she seemed to be feeling a little uncomfortable with the silence, but… It wasn’t as if he was able to remedy it very well considering his own short coming of being socially inept. “Issues such as…?” He politely asked her after she stated that it was alright and he needed not apologize or being able to try and be courteous to the young girl. “… Of course if you would prefer not to say I’ll understand”

"… Its a pleasure, I’m sure doctor Ciel" Xavier spoke in response to her introduction as he watched her begin to observe and try to judge how much damage his shoulder had taken from the battle he was caught up in earlier in the day.

When she requested that he lay back so she could better assess his injury he simply nodded and complied with the young scientist and did as she instructed. “my scanner and systems already have a minor assessment of the damage I took, I can give you the information as well if that helps…” Although he wasn’t too sure about how much it would help considering how old his systems and scanner was, but he figured whatever he could do to help speed this along would be helpful to the young girl.

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Send me “Don’t chase the rabbit” and your muse will be shown a random memory from my muse’s past.

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